Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Asari Dokubo: All State Governors Since 1999 Should Be Prosecuted, Jonathan Deserves Second Term

Speaking in an interview, Dokubo threw his weight behind President Goodluck Jonathan’s decision saying those criticizing him are being “mischievous.”
According to him, “the President has the right under the constitution to exercise the prerogative of mercy. And because the right to do this is constitutional, it makes the view of anybody, which may be to contrary, null and void and of no effect whatsoever because it is done on the basis of the right granted and protected by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Secondly, the whole world knows that the money stolen by Alamieyeseigha belongs to the people of Bayelsa State.”
“The people of Bayelsa State have forgiven him long time ago and have rehabilitated him. In fact, the majority of Ijaw people feel that Alamieyeseigha was unjustly victimised. What we have discovered is that the majority of the people criticising the pardon because of politics stole much more than what Alamieyeseigha stole and they are walking free. Go to any state and look into their financial records, come back and tell me if their money have never been stolen in a manner that is even worse than the celebrated case of Alamieyeseigha. What do you say of the people who are allowed to do plea bargaining and they are walking free? But we are saying that, if we want to fight corruption, it should be holistic. All the governors who have ruled any state since 1999 should tried,” he said.

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