Thursday, 25 October 2012

Nicki Minaj snubs Mario Balotelli for chicken dinner

Mario Balotelli probably isn't used to getting turned away so it might have come as a shock to him when US rapper Nicki Minaj refused a meeting after a concert in favour of a Nando's chicken takeaway

Mario Balotelli , Nicki Minaj.

The Manchester City star attended the female hip-hop star's concert along with several of his team-mates at the MEN arena and was apparently eager to see the Super Bass singer.
The Italian had reportedly set up a meeting with Minaj prior to the gig but the hit-maker is said to have reneged because she was tired.
A source told The Sun newspaper: 'Mario was gutted. He’s a big fan and turned up with gifts along with his other Man City team-mates.
'But Nicki was too tired after the gig and feasted on a massive Nando’s order instead — so he went home disappointed. He’d even bought a camera especially.'
Nicki Minaj, Mario Balotelli.
The rapper's reluctance to see the 21-year-old footballer may have been partly due to an on-stage costume mishap she had during the concert.
Minaj's top fell down and revealed the two pasties she had covering her nipples.
It would seem Balotelli and a wardrobe malfunction may have been too much to handle in one night.



  1. I really don't know when Balotelli is going to grow up. He has so much talent and he's going to waste it.

  2. This year will be Balotelli's last chance. If if fails again he will find it difficult to resurrect his career. Not sure if Klopp will give him a chance or he'll have to move on for another loan deal.


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